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Catherine Townsend - Sleeping Around

I couldn't believe I was considering getting naked with Roger 

Even though I'd always suspected that he harboured a secret crush on me, I couldn't believe that I was considering getting naked with my childhood friend Roger. I had been very excited to get the call that he was in London on business. We were always on the same wavelength mentally, and he's still cute, super fit and has a razor-sharp sense of humour. But when he stood up to kiss me on the cheek I remembered why we never took things further: He's a mere five-foot-six, and I'm five 10 flat-footed.

Catherine Townsend - Sleeping Around

Evan suggested getting frisky in the Jacuzzi 

I knew when I got the call from Evan, an ex-fling, that spending the bank holiday weekend with his friends at the beach would be trouble. He's a total player. But I haven't had a holiday fling this year, and I didn't want to spend the final sunny afternoons of the year watching horror movies and feeling sorry for myself because the amazing guy I've met lives in LA. So I agreed. Besides, there were going to be six boys and only two girls, and I liked those odds.

'Men secretly fantasise about two women cat-fighting over them' 

Last Friday night Amy, Victoria and I went to Camden in search of cheap shoes, but three Bloody Marys later, stumbled into a witchcraft shop. The shop owner suggested a few methods to help me get rid of "unwanted guests", and we were soon cooking up a revenge scheme to get rid of Paul's annoying friend, Antonia. I've never had a problem with any of Paul's female friends, even the ones he has slept with. After all, I'm friends with several of my ex-boyfriends and would never want him to censor me.


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