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'We're filming in Southgate, where Amy Winehouse grew up. No wonder she hit the bottle so hard' 

Wow, 2008 has started with a bang... well, several actually. Victoria is on fire at the moment – there's nothing quite like reunion sex... but I shouldn't be telling you this. You, apparently, don't want to hear about my fabulous sex life. At least that's what a couple of rather bitter emails announced last week. Mind you, they were from the sort of people whose most recent sexual experience was with a melon back in 1983. I love getting feedback, just don't expect me to take any notice of you. Sorry, but that's the way it is.

'Not bringing a date was the best idea I had for ages, as the whole tent is crammed full of thrusting rock chicks' 

I went to a concert the other night. OK, it wasn't just any old concert. It was THE CONCERT OF THE F**KING CENTURY. Yes, you guessed it - the Cooperman went to see Led Zeppelin. Man, it was fantastic - I'm the world's biggest Zep fan and this was totally awesome. The place was studded with celebs and I was right there headbanging with the best of them. Hugh Grant gave me his ticket as he doesn't like them (whaaaaat?). Even better, he gave me his spare ticket as well. I sold it to some anorak sap outside the Underground station for a grand.


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