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Alliance Party conference: How members responded to the Belfast Telegraph/LucidTalk poll on voting, leadership and abortion

Anna Lo has come out fighting against criticism over her controversial comments on the prospect of a united Ireland – some from within the Alliance Party.

And her party leader David Ford also hit out at attempts to pigeon-hole the question of nationality, saying: "We aren't the moderates in Northern Ireland politics – we're the radicals. We don't fit the unionist versus nationalist mould of Northern Ireland politics – we were made to smash it and there's only one way we will do it – by convincing more and more people to step forward and vote Alliance."

That was the punchy message which the Alliance leader hoped would dominate the coverage of his party conference which was hosted on Saturday.

However, it got overshadowed when Anna Lo, the fast-talking and voter-friendly Euro candidate said, in a pre-conference interview, that she favoured a united Ireland in the long term and regarded the border as artificial.

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Below is a list of how 50 party members responded to our poll

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