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The Young: A level playing field? A narrow majority want full range of sports

A narrow majority of young people believe that all schools should offer soccer, rugby and GAA.

In total 52.4% of young people surveyed wanted the full complement of sports to be offered at their schools.

Some 38.4% did not agree, while 9.3% said that they had no opinion. However, the results reveal much more reluctance by Protestants to see all sports included in all schools than among Catholics.

Just 29.6% of Protestants want to see all three sports offered, while 70% of Catholics had the same wish.

When it came to saying no to all sports, 58% of Protestants were against this idea compared to 42% of Catholics. However Protestants also tended to be more ambivalent about the issue.

The survey results also revealed that almost 72% of Protestants said that they had no opinion over whether all three sports are offered in their schools, compared to just 28.1% of Catholics who said that they have no opinion on the same question.

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