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My View: Brooke Shields, the women of Ireland envy you...


Liam Neeson with Brooke Shields

Liam Neeson with Brooke Shields


Liam Neeson with Brooke Shields

Our dearly beloved Liam Neeson is back in the news again. This time it follows the publication of an autobiography by the screen star Brooke Shields entitled, There Was a Little Girl: The Real Story Of My Mother And Me, in which she discloses a tantalising teaser about their brief relationship in 1992.

This in itself (for me at least) was a revelation. Who knew those megastars of stage and screen had ever got it together?

I'm a huge Neeson fan and totally tabloid-savvy and I didn't, so it can't be common knowledge. It certainly wasn't publicised much at the time and as a result just a few photos show them together.

But, yes, this picturesque pairing of modern-day demi-gods did indeed take place and, just as one would imagine/fantasise of such a charismatic couple, it sounds as though it was as passionate and intense as any romantic melodrama.

The only problem (for us, not him) is that Brooke is being very sparing with the details.

All she will disclose is that they had a brief but intense relationship during which he proposed - not once but twice! Oh Brooke... you lucky woman! Do you realise how many women around the world would sell their very souls for just a night out with Liam Neeson? The entire island of Ireland, for starters... including me.

But that is all she is prepared to divulge at this stage. Apparently there is loads more to the story, but she is saving it for her next book.

How tantalising! One thing is clear, however, from reading between the lines. Liam Neeson broke her heart twice in quick succession but despite that, she speaks of him with fondness and... possibly... a tinge of regret? That will probably remain a mystery, until her next memoirs are published that is.

Unless, of course, Liam decided to spill the beans himself.

Until then, Brooke Shields has learnt a lesson we would all love to learn. It is better to have loved and lost Liam Neeson than never to have loved Liam Neeson at all.

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