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Nobody needs a new fox coat more than the fox does

I wholeheartedly support and gratefully applaud the activists from ARAN who took to the streets of Belfast yesterday to protest against the fur trade.

Fair play to them, too, for using shock tactics in the form of bloody animal carcasses to make their point. How else are they going to get people to realise how horrific this horrible trade really is?

As a fashion correspondent and animal lover, I have been increasingly dismayed by the way that real fur is once again creeping back onto the catwalks - thanks to the likes of Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Kanye West and the assorted Kardashian clan, who are more than happy to flounce in front of the cameras wearing head-to-toe fur without the slightest qualm, and designers are once again churning it out as though it never went out of fashion.

Only a few years back in the Nineties, you just wouldn't dare wear the real thing in case you caused a scene in public. It was not unknown then for restaurant chains, hotels, clubs and pubs to have a no-fur policy. Public figures and prominent celebrities were queuing up to be associated with animal rights organisations such as PETA in support of the total ban on animal pelts as fashion.

At the same time, advances in textile technology meant that faux furs were being made that were just as beautiful, warm and luxurious to wear as real fur and, at last, it really did seem like the barbaric practice was finally going to be stamped out once and for all. But somehow all that seems to be forgotten about again this millennium, where brandishing bling and flashing wealth is a way of life for the vacuous celebrities.

Personally, I would never wear real fur and hope that this upward trend is just another fleeting fad. In this day and age, nobody needs a fox fur more than a fox does.

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