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Actually, radio kills the video stars when it comes to breaking news

One of the quirks of the phone-hacking story Charlie Brooker has called “Everything-gate” is how beautifully it has shown the unique qualities of radio.

Print journalism hasn’t got a hope of keeping up with newsflashes, which are currently rolling in at a pace of around 10 a day, and so has been honing its powers of analysis instead. Even with a story of this magnitude, mainstream TV doesn’t do interruptive newsflashes, so the regular bulletins operate as mere catch-ups on what most of us already know.

Even 24-hour rolling news channels need time to find pictures to accompany breaking stories.

But all the wireless needs is someone with a microphone and it can get the facts to its listeners within seconds, no faffing about. And unlike social media, it can keep you informed while you shower, make dinner or water the plants.

This last fortnight has been a timely reminder of how vital this under-valued medium |really is.

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