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Barack would get my vote


Perfect match: Barack Obama and wife Michelle

Perfect match: Barack Obama and wife Michelle

Charlie Neibergall

Perfect match: Barack Obama and wife Michelle

As Valentine's Day has become a time for people to get together to label those couples who choose to mark it in any way as vulgar attention-seekers, Barack Obama must be in for a torrent of abuse.

Not only did the President issue a humorous 'public service' reminder of the date on Tuesday, he then took his wife to a 'lavish' restaurant (squanderer!) where they allegedly 'enjoyed' (smug!) lobster and cheesecake.

Obama takes a pounding in the States for choosing green slippers instead of red ones, so he'll get a hard time for this. Already he's been criticised for an insensitive display of wealth in a time of recession, and for eating luxury food when some Americans are struggling to feed their families.

In terms of politics, Obama had me at hello. But I think he must make a pretty great husband too. Not just because he's handsome and witty and as cool as Sinatra - he also seems to still be very much in love with his wife.

The Obamas have been married for 19 years, but the way Barack holds Michelle is still fraught with passion.

When they dance together, even caught in the gaze of millions of onlookers, they look straight into each others' eyes.

When he sang that line from Al Green's Let's Stay Together a few weeks ago I confess I went a bit weak at the knees.

What made it particularly seductive was the knowledge that he was thinking of his wife when he sang it.

Ah, the ironies of lust.