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Cheryl Cole has to be wary of Sinitta's ex-factor


Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole has had her fair share of adversaries over the years but the news this week that she's stepped on the toes of the formidable Sinitta really made me shiver for her.

Sinitta - an ex-girlfriend of Simon Cowell and his 'mentor support' on the X Factor - is a frightening woman, possessed of great insensitivity, an outlandish idea of her own importance within the music industry and an unshakeable belief that Simon secretly values her above all other humans.

She rarely expresses an opinion without telling you that Simon shares it, or has recently come to see the superiority of it.

For most of the last year she has given interviews in which she has charmingly suggested that she doesn't expect Simon to marry his fianceé Mezhgan Hussainy - not "if he's really true to himself" as she coyly puts it, hinting that she knows Simon rather better than his latest fly-by-night girlfriend.

One wonders what Mezhgan makes for tea whenever Sinitta comes over - I'm sure it's just a silly rumour that her traditional Afghani recipes are famous for permanently damaging the tongue.

Now the story that Cheryl will replace Sinitta as Simon's judging assistant if she doesn't secure a place on the panel of the US X Factor has allegedly left the So Macho crooner 'furious'.

I hope the job comes with 24-hour security - despite Cheryl's previous, I wouldn't fancy her chances against a Sinitta who's just been pushed off the seat next to her beloved Simon.

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