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Even in its final day the NOTW was guilty of bending the truth

As you might have noticed, the 'souvenir' final edition of the News of the World featured a quote from that hero of the left, George Orwell, on its wraparound cover.

This raised a few eyebrows but in many cases must have fulfilled the likely intentions of the editor - to convince readers that the paper had a proud and noble history in which it was required reading - even for one of the greatest and politically sharpest intellectuals in the country.

A scan of the 1946 essay The Decline Of The English Murder, from which the quote derives, reveals, however, that Orwell was not writing about his own enjoyment of the NOTW but rather the distinctly average Englishman's.

It's possible that someone at the News of the World had a dry, sophisticated sense of humour and regarded this final act of misleading de-contextualisation as an ironic nod to the paper's general approach to truth-telling.

But I doubt it.