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Good vibes about Belfast film

Big day next Thursday, when the Belfast Film Festival launches with the premiere of a film I hope will challenge the way the outside world sees the people who lived through the Troubles.

Good Vibrations is the sort of (chutzpah and deep poetic licence allowing) story of local hero/eccentric Terry Hooley, the man who discovered The Undertones and encouraged the progress of a people-liberating punk scene in Northern Ireland through his Good Vibrations label and record shop over the last three decades.

Hooley's tale is gripping but more importantly, this film, written and directed by an all-Belfast team, scored by superstar DJ David Holmes and exec-produced by Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody, promises to shine a light on those who brought warmth and optimism to their debris-strewn communities through music, humour and friendship.

This time the focus isn't on hurt, anger or loss, it's on the romance which incredible people managed to maintain amidst those things.

I can't wait to see it.