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Grace in victory is all that I ask

People who contemptuously wave aside 'bleeding heart' concerns about the ostentatious celebrations which greeted the news of bin Laden's death are missing the point.

Those of us who feel uncomfortable with the flag-waving triumphalism, often accompanied by goading hawkish rhetoric about crushing the enemy, are not motivated by compassion for bin Laden, so using the 'eye for an eye' argument against us is inappropriate.

The issue is not how bin Laden was treated in his final moments, it's about the impact our response to the event has upon our very own civilisation.

I don't mourn bin Laden and I won't be praying for him, as better people than me have said they will.

The stark truth is that I'm glad that Osama is dead.

But I don't want his final victory against the West to be a brutalising of our culture as we get together to gleefully dance on his grave.

It's not his soul I'm worried about - it's ours.

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