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Hang on to love Dannii


Dannii Minogue

Dannii Minogue

Dannii Minogue

It seems only months ago that they were ecstatically in love, bouncing off the walls with happiness, making huge sacrifices for each other (he upped sticks across the world for her - I know men who wouldn't countenance a move out of Lurgan).

She did seem quite transformed - the anxious, nervy, defensive look she used to wear on her face (the wounded animal vibe which made her such a stressful creature to watch on the X-Factor) gave way to a post-massage, tension-relieved bathetic glow. When their baby came along she looked a picture of contentment in those early photographs, her youthful rosy face split with a grin so big you could cut down trees with it.

If the reports are to be believed - and the couple did release a statement saying 'Thanks for your concern. We're happy to be back at home in Melbourne together as a family. We are committed to our relationship and Ethan as always.' - things began to go wrong when Dannii failed to spot that committing to working, in Smith's hurt words, 'non-stop', hundreds of miles away from her boyfriend would have a detrimental effect on her relationship.

While Smith began to make a living in his wife's country, Dannii signed up to model, record a new album and promote her book, clothing range, talent show and perfume all over the world. She's the classic paranoid over-achiever, too conscious of a life of being overshadowed (by her sister and her celebrity peers) to allow herself to lie back and smell the roses.

Time's running out to wise up, Dannii.

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