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How Brad film left me crying in the cinema

Anyone who read last week's column will know I've been feeling fragile about my boy getting older.

So not the ideal week to see The Tree of Life, the Cannes award-winning Terrence Malick film about a family coping with the death of a son (and thanks to all the other cinema patrons who respected my privacy and didn't laugh until they thought they were out of hearing.)

So I embarrassed myself. But I was badly advised. Some critics suggested the film was pretentious (as well as the son thing Malick deals with religion, nature, God, Darwin, life, the universe and literally almost everything) and ponderous (the structure is non-linear, a series of memories and flashes). Turns out those critics were idiots. The Tree of Life is one of the most ambitious, beautiful and emotionally arresting movies I've seen.

If this film, the best thing Brad Pitt has ever done, doesn't rock you to your foundations, check for a heart.