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I hope Baz hasn't lost plot

The trailer for Baz Luhrmann's hotly anticipated The Great Gatsby sure looks pretty, but it concerns me that I see no hint of, um, the point of the book.

There is a misconception about Gatsby, borne of fashionista knuckleheads, that it's a celebration of the jazz age; of bright cocktails, sparkly drop-waist dresses and shiny bobbed hair. Kate Moss famously had a wedding theme based on her 'favourite book', her dress supposedly the result of what she imagined the novel's Daisy Buchanan would have worn.

The thing is Kate, Daisy is a monster, a moral vacuum with little love inside her. Hers and Gatsby's is not a wonderful love story, it's the story of the degradation of beauty, of the danger of building a dream on a poetic notion which is no more rooted in reality than a sandcastle is built to survive a tsunami. I hope this is at the heart of Luhrmann's film, rather than feather-adorned headbands.

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