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Jane Graham: Gemma Arterton’s dressing down for moguls


Gemma Arterton

Gemma Arterton

Gemma Arterton

She’s one of the sexiest actresses in the UK but ex-Bond girl Gemma Arterton says she hates being treated like a “piece of ass” and is sick of Hollywood movies regarding women as “just someone to help the man or be the love interest”.

Not surprisingly, reports of her comments have been illustrated with pictures of her in figure hugging hot-pants and mini-dresses, with sarcastic headlines like ‘Why would anyone think that, Gemma?’

The suggestion of course, and one we’ve heard a million times before, is that if Gemma wants to be taken seriously, she shouldn’t wear short skirts. What utter rubbish.

It’s worth noting that almost every shot of Arterton in skimpy clothes is a still from a film.

She’s in character. She’s acknowledged herself that she’s taken a few roles which have demanded a flashing of the flesh — it’s delusional to suggest that she reject every one — but she’s also shown a commitment to finding funny, strong-willed, intelligent women to play, from Tess in Tess of the D’Urbervilles, to the feisty lead in her latest film, Tamara Drewe.

We know that common sense has never worked in Hollywood — they don’t call LA ‘la la land’ for nothing — but the idea that no matter how valid a woman’s comments, how sensible and fair her request to be treated with respect, she should be disregarded if she has ever worn anything remotely revealing is beyond crazy. And the UK fashion journalists who fall into la la line with that attitude should hang their lolling heads in shame.

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