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Jane Graham: Nadine Coyle has sold herself short ...

Nadine Coyle
Nadine Coyle

Now that the Irish mist has settled, it’s clear that Nadine Coyle’s album is not going to be a slow burner.

It’s a flop. And I think I can say from this safe analytical distance that the poor girl’s PR campaign displayed about as much nous as a referee turning up at Parkhead wearing an I Heart Graeme Souness T-shirt.

Who thought it was a good idea for Coyle, who wants to sell herself as Cheryl Cole’s cooler, more talented rival , to make her single exclusive to Tesco? Why limit your marketplace to such a degree on a debut release? Tesco just isn’t the place to launch artists interested in credibility.

Right away the medium and the message were confused, and curious or fair-weather fans — the kind big sales depend on — were less sure of the product than they might have been.

Nadine’s camp must have known she was suffering in the face of constant comparisons with her Girls Aloud co-star Cheryl and rumours planted by ‘sources’ that she had defected to America and forgotten her old friends.

Cole’s free promotion on the X Factor is priceless of course and only the canniest of operators could have come |up with anything half as effective.

Still Nadine has been seriously let down. And bearing in mind that almost every review said that her album was superior to Cole’s, that must hurt badly.

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I really hope she gets another, fairer, chance to let her voice be heard.

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