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Jane Graham: Why Jason Manford is right to rail against BBC censorship

As an ex-BBC producer who benefitted from onetime Director General Greg Dyke’s open-minded and all-embracing reign, I have become increasingly despairing at the attitude of the current DG, the cowering Mark Thompson.

His grovelling apologies and betrayal of well-intentioned staff in the face of a ludicrous over-reaction to occasionally pre-recorded radio competitions, as well as his OTT Daily Mail-slanted response to the daft behaviour of Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross in the ‘Sachsgate’ scandal tell me he’s a disloyal coward whose priority is keeping his job.

So I’m completely behind the new One Show presenter Jason Manford, who launched a tirade against the corporation upon discovering that his anti-Government comments at the recent Help for Heroes concert had been cut out by BBC editors.

Perhaps he could have been more sophisticated — “Can't believe some sh*thouse edited out the bit about the Government. Free Speech my arse.” — but his anger at the Beeb’s political editorialising was righteous and justified.

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