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Jane Graham: Why Ricky Tomlinson’s gift makes him one in a million

I was very moved reading about local man Eric Tomlinson’s donation of £1m to Liverpool children’s charity Ronald McDonald House this week.

The house provides accommodation for families with patients in nearby Alder Hey children’s hospital. In these straitened times, which strike fear into the heart of every family with a dependency on public services and charities, a donation like that must feel like a gift from the gods.

What was particularly touching was that the donor did everything to keep his generosity a secret, even though a well-placed leak would have garnered him a wave of goodwill and popularity.

Only this week, when Eric Tomlinson attended an event at the new apartments did we find out that he was in fact Royle Family actor Ricky Tomlinson, and that he’d made the donation two years ago.

Wonder if the story gave fellow Liverpudlian Wayne ‘£200,000 a week’ Rooney pause for thought?

Probably not.

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