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Jane Graham: Will Lembit Opik be so charming on I'm a Celebrity...?

Of course, as much as I love the quality of the BBC, there are times, after a long stressful day juggling child-rearing and work, when I like to pull a duvet over my brain and feed it pure candyfloss. And nothing hits the spot like a new series of I’m a Celebrity ...

It’s a shame funny, feisty Gail Porter’s pulled out and been replaced by some obscure big-breasted Playmate - yawn - but this year’s line-up has a couple of gems among the usual bunch of no-hopers.

Please let that hellraising Madchester legend Shaun Ryder stay in - his smarts will surprise people, but his chatter is also likely to be sporadically, hilariously insane.

And Lembit Opik - what can I say? Will his smooth seduction techniques and UFO-spotting guides charm the nation like they charmed a Cheeky Girl and his 21-year-old PA?

Well, no, but the delusional Bangor-born lothario should make for compelling viewing.

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