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Jimmy Nesbitt’s hair a head-turner

As inspiring as it is to see Jimmy Nesbitt living the dream by taking yet another primetime role that gives him lots of lovely hair, I can’t help feeling rather touched, and a little saddened by his latest incarnation.

As engineer Clem in BBC1’s ludicrous, but bizarrely compelling submarine thriller The Deep, Nesbitt is sporting the kind of headful of fuzzy black hair that I’m guessing fills his waking fantasies, and he’s looking pretty good underneath it too.

I often wondered what attracted him to the role of Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde in that silly OTT BBC adaptation a few years ago, but now I reckon it was the huge wiry hairpiece. The ever-receding Nesbitt, it seems, just can’t say no to a job which indulges his follicle-based fancies. And the thought of him watching himself running around playing the handsome, hirsute action man that he can never be in real life makes me want to give him a big hug. However much pleasure it gives him, it must come tinged with a little pain. Nesbitt should not despair. In my opinion, when you have a face rich with character, filled with the kind of joyful chutzpah that Nesbitt’s has, it matters not a jot whether it is topped by a Gallagher-esque thatch or a thin thread.

Even total baldness will never disguise the gleam in Jimmy’s eye, or the curl of a smile that plays perpetually on his lips. Money can’t buy that — though if he’s really desperate, it can get you a transplant, Jim.

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