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Let’s turn Spotlight on why our votes don’t count

This week’s Spotlight debate also made me squirm. The panel were the usual bunch of spectacularly uncharismatic social misfits.

Is it really a good idea for Sinn Fein to encourage dreary-voiced Moaning Myrtle (AKA Martina Anderson) to go on telly?

Will Paisley Jnr ever learn to converse , rather than just read his notes aloud?

Then again, at least he doesn’t have a moustache, which puts him decades ahead of his David Wilkie-channelling cohorts.

Worst of all though is the reminder of how far out of the loop Northern Ireland is as the general election looms.

As the only part of the UK unable to pass comment on the work of the Prime Minister’s government, even though their economic and home affairs decisions, as well as policy in Afghanistan, directly affects people here, isn’t NI distinctly disenfranchised?

Unlike the Scots or the Welsh, the people of Northern Ireland are reduced to choosing between wee parties the big ones might want to pal up with in times of emergency. For anyone with interests beyond the isms, it’s beyond frustrating.

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