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My Teatro of dreams ... and Cohen too

It's always a thrill to find a great It's always a thrill to find a great new watering hole so I offer my latest discovery as a belated Christmas present to readers of a similar bent to mine (I reckon there's room for all 16 of us in there). Just last week a friend introduced me to a shabby chic Belfast piano bar which felt like it had been cobbled together from dreams I've had, and mainly kept to myself, over the years.

Botanic's Teatro won't be for everyone but, if your idea of heaven is enjoying good food and wine while being serenaded by Leonard Cohen, this could be your new Mecca. The time-weathered man at the piano, Kyron Bourke, has the hair of a late night Bryan Ferry and the nose of a bust-up Serge Gainsbourg but if you close your eyes it's Lenny, gravelling his way through Famous Blue Raincoat. And he sings and serves until the last customer has crawled out of the door. Irresistible.