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Please let my girl turn out like Emma ... and not Rihanna


Emma Watson

Emma Watson

Dominic Lipinski

Emma Watson

I've always been firmly against the idea that a public profile demands of its recipient the behaviour of a role model. Unless they're hurting other people, adults should be free to live their lives in whatever manner they choose.

Some people - I'm looking at you Liam Gallagher - appear to have chosen their jobs precisely so that they could act like big kids way into old age. And there's nothing wrong with that. In fact, some might say that Liam, more than most of us, has it sussed.

However, with my 'mum of an eight-year-old' hat on, I do feel deeply grateful to any female celebrity who I can encourage my daughter to admire, safe in the knowledge that she won't be prematurely seduced by anorexia, crack cocaine or nipple tassels. In other words, Emma Watson - I love you.

Emma's been everywhere this week, looking ridiculously beautiful in that Oscar de la Renta princess ballgown she wore to the Harry Potter premiere and talking with wit and common sense about her plans for the future. Look at this, I bellowed at my aspiring actress daughter - the real-life Hermione came top in THE WHOLE OF ENGLAND in her exams and is going to study at one of the best universities in the world. It says here she values kindness above all else in a boyfriend. Read how grateful she is to her parents! Doesn't she have cool hair?

So far the plan is working well. Fingers crossed she doesn't find the Rihanna CD I've hidden behind the shelf.