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Pop is better with one of Lily’s smiles ...

Lily Allen’s announcement this week that she is leaving London for the calm of the countryside has been greeted with general approval by a Press which has always, understandably, felt rather maternal towards the likable but fragile star.

Allen is said to have deleted celebrity friends’ numbers from her mobile phone, declaring she wants a fresh start out of the public eye.

I, too, have a soft spot for Lily, but rather than seeing this announcement as an indication that she’s growing out of her wild child days, I regard it as a worrying sign that she’s still a mixed-up kid inside.

It’s common for people who are unhappy or insecure to regularly tear up evidence of their ‘bad old lives’ and dramatically change direction, rather like an old junkie going cold turkey once a year.

It is usually a decision provoked by a disproportionate distaste for your current life, an attempt to run away from yourself and invent a new identity which denies the truth of who you really are.

It’s known that Lily has suffered from bouts of depression, and she has a history of announcing radical gear changes; she’s giving up stardom to become a stay at home mum — no, she’s doing a huge tour and supporting superstar Jay Z.

She’s going to open a fashion shop — nope, she’s retreating to Gloucestershire to become a farmer.

I really hope she can find some balance in her life because she’s a sharp, witty young talent, and pop music is definitely much more fun when she’s around.

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