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Sometimes even terrorists fall out of love

Chris Morris

Despite what relationship experts Relate tell us, even a shared objective and mutually agreed priorities don't always ensure a smooth partnership. 'You never answer your phone, you don't respond to emails, you never just drop in and hang anymore' is an only slightly paraphrased version of the missive sent to an increasingly commitment-phobic Moktar Belmoktar from his vexed bosses – the Islamic Maghreb, al-Qaida's North African subdivision.

Despite being offered repeated support and resources, it seems Belmoktar wasn't attending meetings or carrying out orders.

Accused of 'backbiting, name-calling and sneering', he is even chastised for being late with his expenses claims.

Belmoktar didn't take well to being told off in the written warning, and flounced off to form his own splinter group (not called The People's Front of Judea).

And he did manage to perform some grotesque atrocities eventually. Anyone who thought Chris Morris's jihadi satire Four Lions was just too silly can eat their words now.

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