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Why I’d never reveal the bedroom secrets of my sexy crush, Dominic

You could say that I have a little thing (predilection, addiction, call it what you will) for Dominic West, who played Jameson’s-slugging detective Jimmy McNulty in the greatest TV show of all time, The Wire.

But, like most women nurturing a crush, I like to think that no one else sees what I see in him, so I’m always a bit annoyed when a fellow female journalist is turned to mush after an encounter with him.

This week saw the most unashamed and frankly unprofessional display of West-love I’ve read yet, in which the interviewer pronounced the “garrulous” West (see?) “the sexiest actor in Britain”, claimed he was flirting, then passed on a rumour that he is a “very flexible, enthusiastic and energetic lover”.

Where are this woman’s journalistic standards? Let me promise in print, in case his agent is reading, that I will not sink to such depravity if I should be granted a face-to-face interview myself.

Heaven forfend.

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