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Why Liz has got it figured


Liz Hurley

Liz Hurley

Joel Ryan

Liz Hurley

There is almost nothing about Liz Hurley that I can relate to. The Midwich child perennially dressed as Little Lord Fauntleroy, the eat-nothing diet which maintains the 46-year-old supermodel body, the voice so posh you can almost smell the plums when she speaks - she's as far from everything I understand as it's possible to imagine.

But ever since she sent herself up so beautifully in that brilliant paean to surreal silliness, Mike Myers' first Austin Powers film, I've always found Liz quite delightful, and this week she reminded me of her quaint appeal again.

While promoting her (utterly unrealistic) swimwear range she's been chatting happily about a lifestyle which can't be entirely in tune with the polo players and hedge fund managers which make up the PTA at her son's exclusive school. In Liz World you don't just stay in touch with your exes, you keep a bedroom aside for each of them at your Cotswolds mansion (yes, including Uncle Hugh) and invite them all on holiday with you.

And when you get to the age when most people are looking for a companion to rub their feet while they settle down to watch George Gently, you go out and get yourself a loudmouth bleach-blonde Aussie sports star with a reputation for womanising and hell-raising, then trade saucy innuendos with him in public. Her latest fling with cricketer Shane Warne has raised eyebrows but does Liz Hurley lose any sleep? "As I grow older I care less what people think."

She's a wonder woman.