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Will Kate get a snowman at Christmas?


Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

Jemal Countess

Kate Hudson

Isn't it fascinating to find out how celebrities plan to spend their Christmas? The festive period is always awash with tiny, personal details about how the other half live and I for one can't get enough of these enlightening missives from the land of the rich and famous.

The Beckhams, for instance, are planning an intimate family day, roast dinner with all the old-fashioned trimmings, lots of presents for their children, whom they love, and lots of 'extra special cheesy' fun and games with guests, the Gordon Ramseys. Jamie Oliver has an intimate family day up his sleeve, though he does intend to roll his ham in marmalade - he's full of surprises that cheeky Essex lad!

David Tennant is looking forward to an intimate family day, though he too is considering banjaxing an old favourite by spicing up his sprouts with a dash of chilli. Kate Hudson has revealed that she's already excited about having an intimate family day with her 'super traditional Christmas family' during which she will decorate the house with her mom and maybe make snowmen.

Cheryl Cole is planning to tell her interfering mother to 'shove Christmas where the sun don't shine', get decked out in her new head to toe leathers, and jump on the back of new boyfriend Tre Holloway's motorbike to go roaring across America, stopping at various motels along the way, leaving without paying the bill, and sometimes throwing fried eggs at the proprietor after breakfast. Only joking. She's looking forward to an intimate family day.