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Would we really want beaming Berlusconi over here?


Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi

Roberto monaldo

Silvio Berlusconi

I’ve lost count of the number of people who tell me they’ll miss Berlusconi as he finally steps down, after 17 years, from guiding the good ship post-fascist Italy.

Ah, they say mournfully, if only we had politicians like that, with big happy red faces full of revelry, hosting wild all-night bunga bunga parties busy with come-hither escort girls.

Even Boris looks tame next to Silvio, with the latter’s sexy alleged Mafia connections and hilarious ownership of half the nation’s media which ensured a preponderance of glowing reviews of his leadership while he steered the country into bankruptcy. You have to hand it to him, they chuckle, what chutzpah the Thatcher-loving bon viveur had,.

What a lust for life, as well as possibly underage prostitutes (case pending).

If only such brilliant side-splitting billionaires were filling seats in boring old Stormont or the House of Commons.

I don’t get it. But I guess that’s just my problemo.

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