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Julie Burchill: Fashion tips - why can't ministers steer clear of celebrity?

At the risk of appearing uncharacteristically cohesive and consistent in this week's column, can I just find fault with the maturity of the Equality Minister Lynne Featherstone?

In a bid to stem the tide of self-starvers and voluntary up-chuckers among us – anorexics and bulimics, if you're boring – she has recommended that young women should aspire to the sensational hourglass curves of the Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks rather than aim to resemble the titless wonders to be found in fashion magazines.

TMI! I SOOO don't want to know what politicians find sexy.

It's like catching your parents doing it! And can't the half-witted bint see that she is merely substituting one hopeless – for most women – physical ideal for another?

Might I suggest that all ministers should in future aspire to the resolute lack of interest in popular culture of Clement Attlee rather than the celeb-crazed musings of Tony Blair? Cheers!

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