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Eurocrats don’t handle weighty issues too well

Many years ago on one of our first trips to Spain a friend was despatched to the shops to get some food for the apartment.

Like most of us brought up on imperial measures he was not quite sure of metric weights and ordered a kilo of bacon.

It was only when the slices began to form a sizeable mound that he realised it was much more than he had bargained for. We didn’t run short of bacon for some considerable time.

Of course, we are all much more sophisticated now or are we? Do you know what 568ml of milk (one pint) equals, or 400 grams of bacon (14 ounces)?

Now the EU is to introduce new rules which mean that all food will be sold solely by weight. Retailers will be banned from telling you that a box contains six eggs, or a dozen, or whatever. Instead it will only show the weight. Similarly with six floury baps, or whatever.

What crazy meddling from people with too much time on their hands. Of course, we will still be able to see that a box contains six eggs and be able to count how many buns are in a packet, but why stop that information being on the label?

It is enough to make you want to chuck 60 grams of egg (that’s one egg to you and me) at your local MEP.

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