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Gordon’s tears smack of a cynical election ploy

By Laurence White

Either politicians are too cynical or I am. That is the only conclusion I can come to after reading the story at the weekend that Prime Minister Gordon Brown was reduced to tears when talking about his children on a television programme yet to be screened.

Apparently he — and his wife Sarah — broke down when the PM recalled in an interview with Piers Morgan how his baby daughter Jennifer died and how his son Fraser could face premature death from cystic fibrosis.

I don’t blame the Browns for showing emotion over the death of a daughter and the illness of a son. To lose one child and possibly a second must be an awful cross to bear.

If it was just an ordinary family, we would be praising Piers Morgan for bringing us that story.

But we know that the Browns were only on the programme because there is a general election looming.

Unfortunately, that is the way politicians have got us all thinking.

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