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Why fanatics are the most dangerous animals of all

The most vile animal on the face of the earth is probably the animal rights activist.

Perhaps I should qualify that — the animal rights activist who believes animals have greater rights than humans.

You know the type. Those who break into laboratories and destroy valuable research that could benefit all mankind just because that research involves testing on animals.

Another example during the past week has been the issuing of threats against Northern Ireland-born Pauline Koupparis, the mother of the twins mauled by a fox in their London home. She has been called a ‘lying b.’ by one anti-fox hunting moron on a social networking website.

Apparently there have been other implied threats against Mrs Koupparis and her family on other social networking sites and suggestions that a fox could not have been responsible for the attack on her nine-month-old twins.

It seems unbelievable anyone would want to add to the heartache suffered by the family, but then extreme animal rights activists care little for their fellow humans. It’s not that they know much about animals, but they feel a certain empathy, probably sharing the same number of brain cells (roughly two at a guess).

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