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David Cameron might want to get his chequebook out


Peter Robinson

Peter Robinson

Peter Robinson

It is depressing that, two months into talks on finance, flags, parading and the past, little or no progress has been made. Yet that is the conclusion of the major parties.

First Minister Peter Robinson admitted to Ken Reid of UTV: "I don't think that there has been any agreement on any issue."

Both parties are agreed that the next fortnight is the crunch time.

To secure a deal David Cameron had better bring his chequebook.

Sinn Fein is ready to tell him what he owes us - and the DUP isn't far behind.

Unless Mr Cameron pumps in more money, it is likely to become his problem with Northern Ireland being landed back under direct rule following an election.

That is not something he wants to happen on his watch just before an election - so behind all the bluster there may be some give.

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But if the devolution settlement crashes at this point we cannot pretend that London will be the main ones to suffer.

Northern Ireland will be seen as an economic basket case if our politicians mess this one up.

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