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Chris Lyttle: Alliance, East Belfast

By Noel McAdam

Recently in the headlines after pulling out of Stormont's 'shared future' committee, he is now deputy chair of the OFMDFM committee and a member of the working groups on International Development and Anti-Human Trafficking.

Why did you want to become an MLA?

I was always involved in community development, from being constituency manager for Naomi Long to volunteering in youth work for my church. I also trained at Harvard University School of Government, all of which inspired me to use my skills and energy to build a better East Belfast.

Apart from family and work, what are your passions in life?

As an amateur soccer player and a Uefa coach I am passionate about sport and its potential to educate and unite communities.

What issue would you hope to champion in the Assembly?

I believe in a shared future for Northern Ireland. Education, public services and the economy would be more sustainable in a society that works together.

What is in most urgent need of change at Stormont?

Stormont needs new positive leadership, able to set an ambitious vision for Northern Ireland and also get the job done.

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