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David McNarry: UKIP, Strangford


David McNarry

David McNarry

Jonathan Porter

David McNarry

An Ulster Unionist for many years, David McNarry quit the party after an internal rumpus last year and was soon persuaded to don the mantle as Northern Ireland's first Ukip MLA.

Will its recent success mean a Ukip bounce in the local government elections next year?

Ukip will be running candidates across all the NI councils. We will contest the election vigorously and offer people a real alternative to the stale politics of non-achievement.

What can Ukip do for Northern Ireland that the other parties can't?

The main difference is that Ukip will tell the truth. It will speak up for ordinary people who are fed up with the old parties who have had power for so long and achieved so little. Ukip will stand up for the underdog.

What single issue do you hope to champion in the current Assembly term?

Saving our grammar schools from Sinn Fein's 15-year closure agenda and protecting our rural schools and communities.

What Stormont structure is in most need of change?

Ukip believes a change from a mandatory to a voluntary coalition would be the most effective engine for change at Stormont.

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