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Megan Fearon: Sinn Fein, Newry and Armagh

By Noel McAdam

Why did you want to become an MLA?

I never imagined myself in frontline politics at this age. I came to my decision because we need more young people in politics.

Apart from family and work, what are your main passions in life?

Anything GAA is fast paced and exciting, so I love watching it. I also love watching rugby, it's a brilliant game! I'm really into travelling, so anytime I go away it's generally an unusual holiday!

Is there a single issue you hope to champion in the current Assembly term?

I am Sinn Fein's spokesperson for families, children and youth, so obviously my work will have a focus on that. I have loads of issues I want to take on, particularly affecting young people like mental health and suicide awareness, job creation and tackling emigration, welfare reform, the list goes on...

What, if anything, is most in need of change in the current Stormont structures?

The actual make-up of the Assembly is most in need of change. We have one of the youngest populations in Europe yet that is not reflected in the Assembly; there are only four MLAs under the age of 30, and out of 108 MLAs only 21 are female.

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