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Paul Frew: Dup, North Antrim

By Noel McAdam

Originally co-opted as an MLA to replace Ian Paisley jnr, Frew subsequently topped the poll in North Antrim.

Why did you want to become an MLA?

I have always enjoyed helping people and to me that is what it is all about -- helping to make people's lives better.

Apart from your family and work, what is your passion in life?

Football. I am mad about football -- even though my own experience as a footballer wasn't very good. I support Rangers and Spurs and really enjoy watching my two sons play football at weekends.

What issues do you hope to champion in the Assembly?

It is the urgent issues where people need care, and it can range from roads service issues to Housing Executive matters, or grants, or welfare problems and issues important to communities.

What, if anything, is in most urgent need of change in the Assembly?

I would hope before the end of this term to see a reform of the institutions. I don't think we need so many departments.

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