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Sammy Douglas: DUP, East Belfast

By Noel McAdam

A former community worker, Sammy Douglas was elected to the Assembly in 2011.

Why did you want to become an MLA?

I had been involved in community regeneration in east Belfast for over 20 years and recognised the important role that politics can play in getting things done at a local level. When I was asked by DUP leader Peter Robinson to stand in the Assembly elections last May I jumped at the chance.

Apart from work and family, what are your passions in life?

I listen to a wide range of music which includes blues, gospel, classical and bluegrass.

What single issue would you hope to champion in the Assembly?

Educational under-achievement in working class communities is the biggest issue facing East Belfast and this has a knock-on effect when it comes to job opportunities.

What is in most urgent need of change, if anything, in the Stormont structures?

I believe we should establish an Executive with an open and honest opposition.

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