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Sean Lynch: Sinn Fein, Fermanagh & South Tyrone

By Noel McAdam

A former IRA member shot by the SAS in 1986 while trying to attack security forces, Mr Lynch (59) served all but two weeks of a prison sentence before being released under the Good Friday Agreement. He has been a Sinn Fein member for 14 years.

Why did you want to become an MLA?

At my age, you might wonder! I felt I wanted to play a role in the big issues which affect people's lives.

Apart from your family and work, what are your main passions in life?

I would be a big GAA fan and a very keen Irish language speaker. I learnt it in prison and I even teach it a bit, taking a class on a Wednesday evening.

What single issue would you hope to champion in the current Assembly term?

One of the big issues in my area is fracking and I would be hoping, given the experience elsewhere including the United States, we could leave off this for 50 years until a safer method of extraction is found.

What, if anything, is in most urgent need of change in the Stormont system?

I have to travel around 1,000 miles a week. I think the committees could be organised to give us more time in our constituencies.



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