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Dave and Sam jet in for Thrones tour, and a four-minute Press conference


The Camerons tour the Game of Thrones production offices at Paint Hall

The Camerons tour the Game of Thrones production offices at Paint Hall


Samantha and David Cameron touch down in Belfast

Samantha and David Cameron touch down in Belfast



The Camerons tour the Game of Thrones production offices at Paint Hall

Northern Ireland is well used to short trips from David Cameron.

Just over three months ago he took to the skies early during the talks which finally led to the Stormont House Agreement.

And yesterday he was present in the province for a touch less than two hours. But this was a campaigning Cameron, out on the stump across all regions of the UK in a single day.

Even before his private plane had touched down in Belfast at around 10.30pm, the Prime Minister had already breakfasted in Edinburgh. He bravely risked an Ed Milliband 'bacon sandwich' moment as he scoffed his haggis, fried bread and eggs.

While here he spent the best part of an hour enthralled at the Game of Thrones production offices at the former Harland & Wolff paint hall. It came just weeks before he plays a lead role in a real-life battle for power after the May 7 election - a game in which the DUP could prove to be kingmakers.

Mr Cameron admitted being a "big fan" of the show and confessed to being "fully up to date" as its fifth season gets under way.

Accompanied by wife Samantha, the Camerons were shown world-famous locations from the show, including the White Wall, the Sept of Baelor and an armory.

Mr Cameron made no effort to conceal his enthusiasm and was able to name many of the props, including a crossbow belonging to dwarf anti-hero Tyrion Lannister.

The PM has previously said his favourite character is the ever-loyal and honourable Ned Stark - now sadly headless. But he stopped short of hefting a sword, probably seeing the 'Tory cuts' headlines a mile off.

Then it was time for between five and 10 minutes with Conservative supporters in a room at the conference centre at Belfast City Airport.

A posse of Press rounded up in the next room was then given precisely four minutes and 32 seconds to put their questions to Mr Cameron.

"We're running behind," one of his aides said. "We have to hurry up."

And even though he was in the East Belfast constituency, he refused to reflect on possible post-poll negotiations with the DUP - who are campaigning to win back the seat from Alliance's Naomi Long.

"You can ask me that question after the election," he said.

Mr Cameron, or someone on his behalf, more likely, was also continually taking to Twitter as he toured all parts of the kingdom. He started with: "I'll travel to the four corners of the UK today saying: there's one month to save the UK from Labour's disastrous policy of more debt and taxes."

In Belfast he added: "As a fan of @GameOfThrones, it was great to see the contribution it's making to Northern Ireland and the UK's economy."

But he was also keeping tabs on the main national election debate of the day, following former PM Tony Blair's intervention."It's extraordinary Tony Blair doesn't think people should be given a say in a referendum on Europe. Only the Conservatives will deliver one," he tweeted.

Samantha and David Cameron arrive in Edinburgh and have haggis, eggs and fried bread for breakfast

Samantha and David Cameron touch down in Belfast, to be greeted by a kiss from Theresa Villiers

The Camerons tour the Game of Thrones production offices at Paint Hall

The Prime Minister meets party members and activists at City Airport

The PM holds a


minute press


The Camerons

depart Belfast

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