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Being young these days is a pain in the neck

Just when you thought you might like to be a young person, another disadvantage raises its ugly head.

Or, in this case, tries to raise its head but can’t because it’s got a condition called ‘Text Neck’.

This is the latest technology-related ailment being reported by chiropractors around the country.

It’s a stiff sore neck and shoulders due to looking down while texting or staring at phone or tablet screens.

Who’d wanna be a teenager now? If you’re a boy you have to wear your hair in that ridiculous swept-forward look and your trouser crotch down at your knees in that “I’ve just filled my nappy” look.

And if you’re a girl you’re not allowed, ever, ever to wear your school blazer even if it’s 20 below freezing.

And now, you’ve got a stiff neck which will probably lead to arthritis in later life.

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“Wot a bummr. Poor kds. C U @ da chiroprctrs ltr. LOL”