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Bin official guide, here's the real Civil Service

It's funny what y'find when browsing online. In an effort to discover where the term SPAD comes from (yes, I know it's obvious once you realise it's for Special Advisor) I discovered a web page entitled How To Be A Civil Servant.

At first I thought it must be a comedy pastiche, but no, it's actually written by ... the Civil Service.

So it's a serious information site then. Which explains why there's no info about how to take the maximum number of sick days when you're not actually ill but just fancy a day off 'cos your job's got the satisfaction rating of watching paint dry.

And there's not even a solitary paragraph on how to huddle miserably outside the building where you work, trying to look relaxed even though you're freezing, 'cos you've got no coat on, 'cos you didn't want anyone to know that you were nipping outside (AGAIN?!?!) for a fag.

Some guide that, eh?

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