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Cheryl, fancy Geordie Shore?

Not a stellar few days for the young ladies of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

If it wasn't the famous one being dropped from TV for having a terrible accent, it was the nobodies being shown on TV for having a terrible amount of drink, throwing up, stripping off and generally behaving badly on a new 'reality' show called Geordie Shore.

Everything I know about Newcastle I learned from watching Auf Wiedersehen Pet in the 80s.

The accent was hard to follow then and I'm from just across the water. Not surprising the Yanks thought it impossible to work out what Ms Cole might be saying. Mind you, could her pronouncements as judge really be that hard to follow?

Couldn't someone just have made up idiot boards with a selection of lines she'd be likely to utter after watching the acts?

I mean, she's hardly going to spoil the show by saying anything way out. As long as the contestants and viewers could read the English words, "Aw pet, that wuz brilliant! Ya ganna be a star!" and similar, then I'm sure it might've worked.

Luckily, US viewers of Geordie Shore won't have the same problem, as that programme's appeal isn't based on what comes oot the girls' mouths but rather on what comes oot their clothes.

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