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Fur the last time, this is cruel, not fashionable

By Nuala McKeever

I know fashion and rational thought don't necessarily go together, but sometimes the absurdity of the fashion world is just unbelievable.

A headline last week about the fact that animal fur is being worn more and more on catwalks asked, "So is it ok to wear fur again?"

This refers, of course, to the high profile PETA campaign years ago featuring naked supermodels claiming they'd rather go bare than wear fur.

Not wearing fur was "cool" for a time. I suppose the fashion world is the fashion world because it's about fashion and not about reasoned thought or argument or moral values. But, just for the record, fashionistas, it is NOT now any more "ok" to kill animals purely for decorative fur clothing than it ever was. Just because Russia and China have burgeoning middle classes demanding fashion, so what? They aren't as advanced as countries in the West when it comes to animal respect but that doesn't mean it's ok. As far as animal welfare goes, these countries are backward and we must not go backwards in our values in the mistaken belief that it must be ok because others are doing it. By that rule of thumb we'd bring back child labour, hanging and cheap cigarettes.

Is it ok to have those things back again?

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