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Here’s a shock: sockets in bathroom are safe

Having just come back from visiting five countries, I’m wondering why we in the UK/Ireland are so pathologically afraid of electricity in the bathroom.

In the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia every bathroom has an electrical socket right beside the wash hand basin.

It’s so handy! You can dry your hair in front of the mirror without having to crawl around the floor trying to find a socket in the bedroom.

But we were brought up to believe that if you so much as thought about electricity and water you’d die on the spot!

So are the Yanks dropping like flies in their washrooms? No, only four deaths per year are due to bathroom/appliance electrocution (God bless Google).

So we’re allowed razor sockets for men to shave their faces ... but a handy device for us gals to do our hair?

No, seems like that’s beyond us in the year 2011.

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