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How a cold snap leads to things hotting up...

Last week, the head of a local oil company told me that |during the extreme cold, |people here didn't buy lots more fuel. Instead, they put on more clothes to keep warm.

Next day I read that the birth rate in the South has soared this quarter, due to the recession and the bad weather. Interesting variation in responses to the cold between North and South, eh? Up here we put clothes on, down there, they get 'em off.

Fascinating to discover that less money and a drop in |temperatures results nine months later in more mouths to feed and backs to clothe. Not very well thought out, is it?

And why, just because people are getting together under the covers more, should that result in more babies? Is contraception too expensive? Does the cold make it too hard to slip on some protection? Wouldn't you be glad of the extra layer, just for the heat?

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