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It’s a hard drive to junk that spam

Have you ever tried unsubscribing from an email mailing list? I just have. Getting out of the Moonies might be easier.

You know the lists I mean. The ones you end up with because, when you were all new-fangled with the internet, you didn’t realise that buying a T-shirt or a flight or a DVD meant 15 emails in your inbox a day and a relationship with these people. Forever. One airline has so far refused to let me go, but the other companies have been decent enough to release me with only three or four “Are you sure you want to leave us?” messages to withstand. It had to be done. I was getting RSI in my Delete finger. I’ve found a website that offers counselling to get over the trauma of losing 90% of your inbox overnight.

They start by sending you daily words of comfort. By email. Hmmm

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