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It’s all name games for Silvio ...

Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian Prime Minister — who’s as famous for his sex scandals involving young women like l Noemi Letizia as for his right-wing politics — has announced his desire to change the name of his party.

Forza Italia (which means ‘Go Italy!’) is losing popularity and a name change has been suggested as one way to boost its image. The favourite so far, apparently, is Go Pussy!

Made me wonder if some local parties that are lagging in the polls might consider a similar move. Just take the rousing word ‘Go’ and team it with something you really fancy or aspire to.

The UUP’s Mike Nesbitt has suggested they renew their links with the Conservative party — so an obvious new name for them would be Go Tory! (certainly less cumbersome than the previous joint name they had — UCUNF) Or even Go Con!

And I could see the SDLP opting to change their name to Go The North! Or Go This Region! since they all seem genetically incapable of referring to Northern Ireland by its actual name — Northern Ireland.

Mind you, it would be confusing if we all described things as we’d like them to be, rather than how they actually are.

By that token I’d be a ‘tall slim blonde in my 30s’. Nice idea, just not accurate.

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